Ultimate Facts to be looked at before buying a Gym Ball


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A Gym ball is constructed by soft elastic with the diameter of 35 to 85 centimeters filled with air which is often used for physical therapy and exercise. This ball is really a good one to stay fit and healthy. It is otherwise called as Swiss Ball and is also referred with so many kind of names birth ball, fitness ball, gym ball and etc.


Variety of balls:

  • Large Exercise Balls
  • Small Exercise Balls (Mini Balls)
  • Medicine Balls
  • Small toning Balls
  • Small therapy Balls
  • Foot massage Balls

Large Exercise Balls

These balls are commonly used in the Gym and studios. The reason we are using this gym ball is to keep our body in a balanced stage and having challenges to work out the stability ball which will make our muscle to be strong and keep our body fit.

Small Exercise Ball-Mini Balls

This ball is almost similar to large exercise balls and it has around 9 to 12 inches, it is not used for balancing the weight but is used for stability workout.

Medicine balls

Medicine balls are 8 to 15 pounds, and these balls are used to throw, catch and other moves which are challenging for heavy balls. These balls are being into existence for a long time over 3,000 years ago.

Small toning Balls

It has a weight of 1 to 3 pounds and this shape of ball is used to hold nice than some other hand weights with certain exercise. It is also used for toning the muscles to keep the arm stronger.

Small therapy balls

This is a light weight ball used for massaging the body parts all over the body. It is also used for releasing the muscle knots and tension by doing simple exercise. This will especially reduce the back pain. It often works better to the sensitive areas.

Foot massage balls

When you sit with this exercise ball on the floor, the pressure can control and turn up and down and this will stimulate the blood flow around the 7200 nerves ending in the foot.

Things to be noted while buying exercise balls:

  • Select the correct size
  • Find the exact place to do exercise
  • Brace the ball with few pillows
  • Keep attention with your breathing
  • Sit on the ball with feet flat

Thus the Gym ball makes you more fit and healthy. Always buy quality balls to do exercises as it gives an extra edge to your workout campaign.

Fruitful Tips on Choosing and Using the Right Ankle Weights for your Fitness


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Ankle weight is the best accessory that is used often to improve the resistance of the body. They are sometimes called leg weights as it is simply filled with water, sand or other materials and are tied around the ankles. This is used especially for the core strength during aerobics and it increases the intensity of your workouts in an effective way.

What are the types available?

There are two main types namely:

  • Sand-filled
  • Water-filled

Though there is no variation in the result obtained, there are minor some differences between the two. Water-filled weights can be manufactured only with lesser weights whereas Sand-filled weights can be built for heavier weights. The former one is very comfortable than the latter as it can be carried easily and the weight can be unfilled and refilled according to our requirements.

How to choose the right ankle weight?

Padding is the essential thing when it comes to choosing the right adjustable ankle weights for better workouts. Choose the one that has enough padding support and more flexible. As like other accessories this also comes with the adjustability feature that can be loosened or tightened whenever need ensuring safety while working out.

ankle weights

Benefits of using ankle weights:

Any exercise that includes walking can be done with this accessory as it could benefit you in increasing the strength and resistance of the lower part of the body. This can include any kind of walking like jogging, running, crunching, bicycling or leg raisings. You are challenging your muscles while increasing the intensity which in turn builds a perfect resistance to your body!

If you are looking for powerful walking that give efforts to your legs and body, then choosing this accessory will give you the best results. As it can increase the intensity of your workouts, you may use it for your daily exercise activities.

Incredible Benefits of Hang-up Inversion Tables


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An inversion table is generally used to relieve you from the most suffered back pains. It is generally used for pacifying the aches continuously and making you feel relax and stress-free.

If you are a diehard fan who loves to stay fit and healthy can very well use this equipment for a better life and strong backbones.

What are the exercises can be done with the hang-ups?

Many exercises can be performed with the power of your dedication. It can help you out in relieving your tensions and provide better circulation of blood through your body when you stay in the inverted position. However, you must know the ways to control your body and do it correctly for better results.

Some of the popular exercises that can be done with this accessory:

  • Inverted crunches
  • Partial and Full inversion
  • Squats
  • Stretching with rotation
  • Sit-ups
  • Back extensions
  • And much more.

Some exercises may be familiar to you; however, for newbies it may be a new lesson. Getting familiar with all the exercises will provide better workflow and take things slowly.


Benefits of using hang-up inversion table:

Stress reduction:

Many spas and fitness centers will be filled with different kinds of inversion table that is told to be a form of relaxation equipment. 15 minutes workout on every day will help you overcome your stress and tensions. It will also help you in releasing bad vibes and calm down your nerves and muscles.

Improved flexibility:

It is the perfect provision for those who are looking for notwithstanding equipment that helps in reducing swelling. This equipment provides a range of reverse position that can enable us to stretch our muscles and spine.

Proper blood circulation:                      

During the inverted positions, the body can freely circulate to the gravity without any effort making the blood inside the body to flow in a better way. This is also said to be inversion therapy that is suggested by physicians as a medical treatment.

Although there are fewer restrictions and demerits of inversion table, as it is not generally used by all people, yet it is proven scientifically that it can be used with control that helps in curing the back pains in a natural way.

Varieties of Bench Press and its Individual Benefits


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There are many varieties of benches that you can come across in your fitness campaign. Each and every fitness accessory has its own individual benefits. Here is the list of benches available in the market and below are its features in delivering the best results.

Types of Bench Press:
• Flat
• Incline
• Decline
• Close grip
• Wide grip

There are two kinds available in Flat benches such as bodybuilding version and a power lifting version. The bodybuilding version is focused on the development of muscles primarily chest, shoulder and triceps. In addition, with middle and upper back muscle, the power lifting version is focused on weight lifting.

This works as same as flat bench, but it is focusing slightly with different muscle subgroups. In such inclination position the pelvis is lowered and shoulders are elevated. Here, less press can be performed from the position of angle than a faster press.

bench press and benefits

In decline bench press the pelvis is elevated and the head is lowered. Mainly the lower portion of the chest and muscle are aimed. Here it allows greater weight to get pressed rather than all other bench varieties.

Close Grip:
It is appraised to be a shoulder width grip. At the bottom of the motion a barbell is rested on the sternum. It forms an angle to the elbow where it gives priority, which is thrown on triceps muscle.

Wide Grip:
This works the muscles, but with fully opposite focus than the close grip benches. During lockout triceps work very little at the top. This variation is ideal for strengthening the press in the lockout place.

These kinds of bench press workouts are strongly recommended so that people can easily lift a certain amount of weight without much stress.

Build your Muscles through Resistance Bands


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Most of the men today wish to have great muscles. But almost maximum number of people doesn’t know the perfect way to achieve it; here is the best way to gain higher muscles without lots of stress. For this purpose, the use of resistance and kinetic bands has been considerably increased in these recent years. These seem to be the new and best thing to add in the exercise sessions to almost get stronger and smarter.

Most of the runners make use of these bands in order to reduce weight and as well to stay fit and healthy. These bands make the knees and thighs as strong as possible which seems to be the runner’s great deal. There are lots of benefits that can be obtained from this type of kinetic or resistance bands.


These bands act as the great substitute for lifting weights and as well they look to be smaller in size, very compact and easy to use. These bands are highly preferable as they are very less in cost and as well very comfortable to carry while travelling and it can be used for all age groups of people. Different resistance level, shapes and size of bands are available in the market. Most of the versatile bands come with handle and door attachment and which can be used with varying loads purpose.

The main advantage that can be attained through resistance bands are flexible body, highly improved body balance, increased stamina, intensive exercise with improved body posture, Lean and fit body structure. The most comfortable thing when compared to other equipments would be it is very easier to use and can be learned easily about the perfect way of using. If you already have some workout regulars, this will definitely add some extra freshness to your fitness regime and as well have the whole capability to make you get fitter with less time.