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Ankle weight is the best accessory that is used often to improve the resistance of the body. They are sometimes called leg weights as it is simply filled with water, sand or other materials and are tied around the ankles. This is used especially for the core strength during aerobics and it increases the intensity of your workouts in an effective way.

What are the types available?

There are two main types namely:

  • Sand-filled
  • Water-filled

Though there is no variation in the result obtained, there are minor some differences between the two. Water-filled weights can be manufactured only with lesser weights whereas Sand-filled weights can be built for heavier weights. The former one is very comfortable than the latter as it can be carried easily and the weight can be unfilled and refilled according to our requirements.

How to choose the right ankle weight?

Padding is the essential thing when it comes to choosing the right adjustable ankle weights for better workouts. Choose the one that has enough padding support and more flexible. As like other accessories this also comes with the adjustability feature that can be loosened or tightened whenever need ensuring safety while working out.

ankle weights

Benefits of using ankle weights:

Any exercise that includes walking can be done with this accessory as it could benefit you in increasing the strength and resistance of the lower part of the body. This can include any kind of walking like jogging, running, crunching, bicycling or leg raisings. You are challenging your muscles while increasing the intensity which in turn builds a perfect resistance to your body!

If you are looking for powerful walking that give efforts to your legs and body, then choosing this accessory will give you the best results. As it can increase the intensity of your workouts, you may use it for your daily exercise activities.