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An inversion table is generally used to relieve you from the most suffered back pains. It is generally used for pacifying the aches continuously and making you feel relax and stress-free.

If you are a diehard fan who loves to stay fit and healthy can very well use this equipment for a better life and strong backbones.

What are the exercises can be done with the hang-ups?

Many exercises can be performed with the power of your dedication. It can help you out in relieving your tensions and provide better circulation of blood through your body when you stay in the inverted position. However, you must know the ways to control your body and do it correctly for better results.

Some of the popular exercises that can be done with this accessory:

  • Inverted crunches
  • Partial and Full inversion
  • Squats
  • Stretching with rotation
  • Sit-ups
  • Back extensions
  • And much more.

Some exercises may be familiar to you; however, for newbies it may be a new lesson. Getting familiar with all the exercises will provide better workflow and take things slowly.


Benefits of using hang-up inversion table:

Stress reduction:

Many spas and fitness centers will be filled with different kinds of inversion table that is told to be a form of relaxation equipment. 15 minutes workout on every day will help you overcome your stress and tensions. It will also help you in releasing bad vibes and calm down your nerves and muscles.

Improved flexibility:

It is the perfect provision for those who are looking for notwithstanding equipment that helps in reducing swelling. This equipment provides a range of reverse position that can enable us to stretch our muscles and spine.

Proper blood circulation:                      

During the inverted positions, the body can freely circulate to the gravity without any effort making the blood inside the body to flow in a better way. This is also said to be inversion therapy that is suggested by physicians as a medical treatment.

Although there are fewer restrictions and demerits of inversion table, as it is not generally used by all people, yet it is proven scientifically that it can be used with control that helps in curing the back pains in a natural way.