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A Gym ball is constructed by soft elastic with the diameter of 35 to 85 centimeters filled with air which is often used for physical therapy and exercise. This ball is really a good one to stay fit and healthy. It is otherwise called as Swiss Ball and is also referred with so many kind of names birth ball, fitness ball, gym ball and etc.


Variety of balls:

  • Large Exercise Balls
  • Small Exercise Balls (Mini Balls)
  • Medicine Balls
  • Small toning Balls
  • Small therapy Balls
  • Foot massage Balls

Large Exercise Balls

These balls are commonly used in the Gym and studios. The reason we are using this gym ball is to keep our body in a balanced stage and having challenges to work out the stability ball which will make our muscle to be strong and keep our body fit.

Small Exercise Ball-Mini Balls

This ball is almost similar to large exercise balls and it has around 9 to 12 inches, it is not used for balancing the weight but is used for stability workout.

Medicine balls

Medicine balls are 8 to 15 pounds, and these balls are used to throw, catch and other moves which are challenging for heavy balls. These balls are being into existence for a long time over 3,000 years ago.

Small toning Balls

It has a weight of 1 to 3 pounds and this shape of ball is used to hold nice than some other hand weights with certain exercise. It is also used for toning the muscles to keep the arm stronger.

Small therapy balls

This is a light weight ball used for massaging the body parts all over the body. It is also used for releasing the muscle knots and tension by doing simple exercise. This will especially reduce the back pain. It often works better to the sensitive areas.

Foot massage balls

When you sit with this exercise ball on the floor, the pressure can control and turn up and down and this will stimulate the blood flow around the 7200 nerves ending in the foot.

Things to be noted while buying exercise balls:

  • Select the correct size
  • Find the exact place to do exercise
  • Brace the ball with few pillows
  • Keep attention with your breathing
  • Sit on the ball with feet flat

Thus the Gym ball makes you more fit and healthy. Always buy quality balls to do exercises as it gives an extra edge to your workout campaign.