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There are many varieties of benches that you can come across in your fitness campaign. Each and every fitness accessory has its own individual benefits. Here is the list of benches available in the market and below are its features in delivering the best results.

Types of Bench Press:
• Flat
• Incline
• Decline
• Close grip
• Wide grip

There are two kinds available in Flat benches such as bodybuilding version and a power lifting version. The bodybuilding version is focused on the development of muscles primarily chest, shoulder and triceps. In addition, with middle and upper back muscle, the power lifting version is focused on weight lifting.

This works as same as flat bench, but it is focusing slightly with different muscle subgroups. In such inclination position the pelvis is lowered and shoulders are elevated. Here, less press can be performed from the position of angle than a faster press.

bench press and benefits

In decline bench press the pelvis is elevated and the head is lowered. Mainly the lower portion of the chest and muscle are aimed. Here it allows greater weight to get pressed rather than all other bench varieties.

Close Grip:
It is appraised to be a shoulder width grip. At the bottom of the motion a barbell is rested on the sternum. It forms an angle to the elbow where it gives priority, which is thrown on triceps muscle.

Wide Grip:
This works the muscles, but with fully opposite focus than the close grip benches. During lockout triceps work very little at the top. This variation is ideal for strengthening the press in the lockout place.

These kinds of bench press workouts are strongly recommended so that people can easily lift a certain amount of weight without much stress.